she makes me discouraged

I am here silent stiff,
Jolted without a word,
As if the world was dark by the evening fog,
The sunlight was gone swallow,
My love is not hate, but,,

When I tried for understanding the meaning of true LOVE,
Why do only what I can quietly wound ..?
Now I try to knit white cotton back,
When knitted it will destroy you completely by a very sharp bamboo,
You ripped to shreds as heartless,,

I can only see it in silence,
As if resigned to everything I saw,
Maybe it’s because kumencintai,
But I’m not loved,
May you be happy with this wound,
May you be quiet with my heart suffering,
Surely God sees,
Hear and feel what I think he was silent,
But he always hears my prayers,Tears of hope
and scratches from memory,
has now come back in the bottom of my heart.
Yeah … when I first admired
innocence and purity of a fragrant flower.

I had spent two seasons with the binding promise
love each other. I enjoyed the day and night are
along with the colors of the earth.
Distinctive fragrance always garnish
my days become much more meaningful.
Oh … how happy hearts.

However, as time passed.
Taste my love to the flowers slowly fade.
Any style and color the first time to admire even instantly vanished.
Because he is. Yes … because he has betrayed the promise
and loyalty during this kukemas neatly inside.
Sunggguh I do not understand. How easily he removed himself
after a while I take care of and keep it whole-heartedly.

I was not able to withstand the pain of this injury.
Until I finally resigned myself. and promised
to leave. Because there may be,
I could not breathe again
scent of fragrant flowers that are no longer.
There’s no way I could touch again
flower stalks that are full of thorns.

Mugkin someday she will understand,
he will regret the thorns that have been hurt.
And that’s if he still has a conscience.
And, if it later
I rediscovered a fragrant flower,
I hope the style and the color is much more meaningful.
and the pobud lasting fragrance in the liver.